Rolling BB-8 build launches to LEGO Ideas

A rolling LEGO BB-8 build has hit the fan invention site LEGO Ideas with the hope of becoming the next bit Star Wars: The Force Awakens collectable.

The scaled down LEGO version of the popular drone has been designed to move like its big-screen counterpart, with the ability to roll on a single axis.

The drone even comes with attachable arms for both his Electric Zapper and ‘thumbs-up’ torch abilities, as well as a desert-themed base that uses a crank to demonstrate BB-8’s movement.

‘This unique BB-8 was designed with the primary goal of being able to move with its heads staying up on top,’ read a statement from the project’s creators MJSmiley and Artbot138.

‘Inside you’ll find LEGO weights suspended from the central axle that bolster up two LEGO magnets. Those magnets are held up close to the top of the ball and attract the two magnets built into BB-8’s head.’

The total part count of the LEGO BB-8 build is 180 pieces.

‘This Rolling BB-8 is super fun to fidget with, roll about and satisfy a midpoint between static model and full on electric RC. It would make a great addition to an LEGO Star Wars fan’s collection.’

The project now has just under one year to hit the coveted 10,000 supporters mark before it will enter the next phase of the Ideas platform, when it will be reviewed by a team of LEGO professionals.

Check out the project here or watch the video of Rolling BB-8 in action below:

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