Mookie’s VR fused board game Kazooloo stars on The Gadget Show

A virtual reality board game has been named among the Top Tech Products of 2016 by the entertainment programme, The Gadget Show.

Last weekend, Kazooloo made its television debut as it took a starring role on the Channel 5 show that offered its own review on the best tech toys discovered at the recent London Toy Fair.

Kazooloo was the first toy demonstrated on the feature as host Jason Bradbury played the augmented and virtual reality board game. The spot saw Bradbury jump from side to side to dodge oncoming attacks from the game’s robots and monsters.

Distributed by Mookie, the virtual reality board game is set to hit shelves next month, ahead of the Easter Holidays and will be launched with as heavyweight TV campaign, vlogger support, magazine demos and in-store support with FSDUs.

Since the show aired last Friday and Saturday, Mookie has enjoyed a ‘huge amount of interest’ in Kazooloo, from both consumers and the media.

Kazooloo is just one of a swathe of board game titles to embrace virtual reality technology over recent months.

Just this week a virtual reality edition of the popular game Lost Cities made its first appearance at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Due for release next month on the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display, the title places players within the worlds explored in the original board game to take part in interactive expeditions.

The game has been developed by The Campfire Union, a Canadian VR studio and platform provider.

Lesley Klasson, chief innovation officer of The Campfire Union said that the cult hit title was the perfect fit for the VR platform.

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