Supermarket Tesco has revealed that sales for the toys have exceeded "all expectations since launch".

Early sales suggest Fungus Amungus will be one of the “biggest brands for 2016”

Now that Vivid’s hit collectable toy Fungus Amungus has hit toy aisles, the company has revealed that it looks set to be one of the ‘biggest brands for 2016 and beyond’.

Kerry Paternoster, marketing manager at Vivid, said: “We had very high expectations for Fungus Amungus and it hasn’t disappointed.

“The collectability, stickiness and all-round grossness of the figures certainly seems to have captured kids imaginations.

“With the great feedback we’ve had from consumers and retailers alike, and the exciting plans we have for future development, Fungus Amungus looks set to become one of the big new collectables brands for 2016 and beyond.”

Vivid says that the early success of the new toy is due to the tactile nature of the collectables, with 105 figures to collect in total.

Meanwhile, supermarket Tesco has also experienced a growth in sales for the new toys.

Matt Lewis, assistant buyer for boys’ toys at Tesco, added: “Fungus Amungus has been a huge success for Tesco, exceeding all expectations since launch.

“It’s a really exciting brand, with a unique and varied range of products and packaging. With over 100 characters to collect, it gives kids a great opportunity to become engrossed in the world of Microscopic Mayhem.”

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