US: Mattel relaunches Tyco with first stair climbing RC

Is it the stuff of nightmares or what dreams are made of? However you look at it, 80s toy brand Tyco is back; this time with the first stair climbing RC monster.

This year sees Mattel re-launch the hit RC brand with the new Terra Climber, a lizard-like RC toy that moves with the aid of plastic claws in order to make the climb up any staircase.

The Tyco Terra Climber arrives with a long tail in order to balance as it attempts near vertical maneuvers and has been designed with robustness in mind, should it take a tumble.

It also includes a wireless controller featuring dual controls, allowing kids to power its right and left arms separately.

The new Tyco Terra Climber is expecting to land in stores across the US in autumn this year with a $100 price tag. There is no word yet on whether Mattel will be bringing the Tyco brand to the UK.

Check out Techlicious’ video of the Terra Climber in action below:

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