US TOY FAIR: ThinkFun showcases new yoga games

ThinkFun revealed its latest line of yoga games that can help develop agile minds and bodies. 

Memory Yoga, Yoga Spinner and Yoga Cards have each been designed to help kids develop agile minds and bodies, encouraging them to move, stretch, think and learn.

“The idea for our yoga series developed as we looked at what we could do to improve how kids learn," said Bill Ritchie, ThinkFun Inc.’s CEO and co-founder.

"Yoga can help with strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness, but it can also help bring a sense of calm and relaxation that helps us focus, and helps our minds work better. When our bodies and minds are both calm and relaxed, we learn better.” 

Memory Yoga helps preschoolers improve their balance, confidence and mental focus while boosting memory skills using 26 illustrated cards and 18 poses. Players choose a card and search for the match. Once they find it, they perform the pose.

Yoga Cards boasts 48 yoga poses and challenges gamers to accomplish the seven poses on a mission card before your opponent does.

Finally, Yoga Spinner sees players give the spinner a whirl and perform the corresponding pose to win the pose card. To win the game, players need to collect a card from each of the four categories of yoga poses.

Check out the ToyNews team and DMI Productions’ Stu Turner giving Yoga Spinner a go below (Stu won):

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