Customers can get their hands on the Fun Filler Party Range, which includes bags and bubbles.

Tobar readies Easter toy line

Tobar has unveiled its latest toy line for Easter, with a range of wind-up toys and novelty git packs.

The company has revealed that wind-up toys continue to be its best seller, and a selection of Easter lines are now available for customers, including the Clockwork Fuzzy Hopping Chick and Rabbit, the Clockwork Bunny and Clockwork Chick.

Customers can also stock up on alternative gifts to chocolate with the Tobar Make Your Own Kits. These kits come with various designs, including Easter Egg, Rabbit and Glove Rabbit.

Tobar is also launching the Fun Filler Party Range, which includes bags, bubbles and novelty gift packs. These feature Bunny Erasers, Maze Puzzles and an Egg Bouncy Ball.

Lastly, the firm has also unveiled its Magic Growing Rabbit model, which has the ability to grow fur-like crystals across its body.

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