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The hit webcomic's first game, Joking Hazard, smashed its $10,000 goal in 27 minutes.

Cyanide & Happiness card game raises over $500k on Kickstarter in just two days

Hit webcomic Cyanide & Happiness has launched a card game to Kickstarter, and it’s not doing too badly.

Titled Joking Hazard, the card game has raised over $500k on Kickstarter in just two days.

In the same way that The Oatmeal’s fanbase helped Exploding Kittens make history on Kickstarter, the same looks to be happening for Joking Hazard thanks to the Cyanide & Happiness fanbase helping the game smash its initial goal of $10,000 in just 27 minutes.

Joking Hazard sees players compete to finish an awful comic strip, with two panels chosen by a judge and everyone else putting forward their choice for the final part of the comic. The judge’s favourite panel wins.

The campaign is also opting to cultivate a community on Kickstarter, rather than just outling a series of rewards for different pledges, by asking fans to complete tasks in order to unlock new cards.

These tasks include a fan getting a Cyanide & Happiness tattoo, 10 videos of different bands playing the Cyanide & Happiness theme tune and the @CnHJokingHazard Twitter page reaching 5,000 Twitter followers.

Check out the campaign here or watch the Joking Hazard campaign video below:

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