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The CBBC is launching its very own drone contest show dubbed Airmageddon, which will see kids battle it out against one another. With the possibility of toys on the way, Jade Burke catches up with its creator Steve Carsey to find out his plans for the new series.

Behind the scenes of Airmageddon

As I make my way to Bedfordshire I am unsure what to expect from a new kids TV series that is featuring drones, but if the two enormous Airship hangars that greet me are anything to go by, I am expecting big things.

The hangars truly are titanic in their size, and I’m told that scenes from iconic films such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception were filmed in one. But now the hangars are home to a very different kind of show, which is known as Airmageddon.

From the producers of Robot Wars and DHX in association with Conceive Media, the brand new show will see kids pit their flying abilities against each other using drones through a series of competitions and challenges.

Walking into the hangar I can’t wait to see the studio where the show is being filmed, and soon enough I am on the tour and taken up some rickety steps to get a glance of the set from above.

In the distance I can hear the hum of a drone buzzing around the set, which is being controlled by one of the kids who have made it into the competition. They are guiding the drone around an assault course from a glass container in the centre of the set, known as the crow’s nest.

You can check out the rest from behind the sceens at Airmageddon over at our sister site Licensing.biz

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