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The US firm's new STEM range also includes six new gender-neutral toys.

SmartLab Toys outlines commitment to STEM toys for girls

SmartLab Toys has outlined its commitment to creating products that spark girls’ interest in science and technology this year.

One of the US firm’s top-selling releases for 2015 was the Girls Only! Secret Message Lab and this year, SmartLab is launching a new line of STEM toys including new Sew Science products line and a set which lets girls create their own line of lip balms.

“At SmartLab we know that sparking a girl’s interest in science at a young age is essential,” said James Szubski, creative director for SmartLab Toys.

“We think about nurturing that spark regardless of gender, but we also recognise that some play patterns are culturally stronger for girls.

"Our Sew Science and All-Natural Spa lines celebrate those play patterns while also introducing fundamental science principles. We know that the toys you love as a child are the ones that may some day serve as the inspiration for deeper passions and professional aspirations.”

SmartLab will also launch six new gender-neutral STEM toys in 2016, including Ultimate Secret Formula Lab and Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets Lab.

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