AppyKids learning toy takes to Indiegogo

A new app-based range of toys is looking to bridge the gap between digital and physical play via an Indiegogo campaign.

Called AppyKids, the interactive play kit features a unique collection of character toys who all star in a series of app games and stories that encourage kids to learn skills such as language, numeracy, artistic, social and cognitive abilities.

Billed as an interactive play kit for kids, the AppyKids kit provides youngsters with an AppKid toy character that doubles up as a dock for a smart device, the Play Kit app and over 60 Smart Flash cards that interact with the app.

AppyKids is the brainchild of the design and innovator duo, Claire and Dinesh Lalvani.

“We saw a lot of apps that focused on one aspect of learning and were assessment based, but children, at this age especially, learn through story, song, game play and interaction with characters they love,’ read a statement from the pair.

“We have built a unique methodology that uses story and play to take a child through the different stages of learning. Children are encouraged to practice at their own pace and are rewarded at every stage of play.”

The AppyKids team is currently looking to secure $50,000 in funding in order to help take it to the next stage of production.

With 33 days of the project remaining, the team has so far secured $5,500 from 52 backers.

For those interested n getting behind the campaign, a $30 pledge will secure them an Ealry Bird Appy Play Kit with an estimated delivery of June 2016.

Check out the AppyKids campaign on Indiegogo here.

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