Topps launches Marvel Cinematic Universe Hero Attax

UK collectable company Topps is launching a new Marvel Cinematic Universe edition of its popular Hero Attax trading card game.

Hitting shelves on March 31st, the collection will feature characters and images from the hit Marvel movies including Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s Avengers.

An exclusive selection of special cards from the forthcoming Captain America Civil War movie will also be included.

Louise Ramplin, entertainment marketing manager for Topps, said: “we are really looking forward to the launch of our very latest instalment in the Hero Attax series; the Marvel Cinematic Universe edition.

“A must have for Marvel enthusiasts of all ages, the new trading card game is filled with fans’ favourite characters from the popular movies, and with the excitement surrounding the upcoming Captain America film, we anticipate the latest collection to be a big hit at retail.”

The collection features over 200 cards to pick up with Starter Packs retailing at £4.99 and featuring a collector binder, A1 game guide, game mat plus a packet of trading cards and a limited edition card.

Packets of eight cards meanwhile will retail at £1.

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