The 20 toys that changed the industry

Out of the toys and games to hit the shelves each year, how many can we say are truly groundbreaking?

Well, we’ve gone to the industry to find out, asking for their votes for the products that have changed the toy and game market.

Whether it opened the industry’s eyes to licensing, created a new category or proved a hit on shelves, each of these products have gone some way to shaping the industry that we’re all a part of today.

Companies big and small from across the worlds of toys and games got involved, as well as inventors, retailers and PRs, and we’ve narrowed the list down to the top 20.

Many icons narrowly missed out despite racking up the votes. For example, many cited Hasbro’s Mr Potato Head for being the first toy advertised on television and Spirograph got several mentions.

Elsewhere, Etchasketch, Polly Pocket and the LeapPad also came close to cracking the top 20, and even the Garbage Pail Kids got a vote or two.

But, the list we’ve ended up with is comprehensive, spanning decades, target audiences and different product categories.

Check out the list below:

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