France, Germany and the UK have been highlighted as the fastest growing markets for the R/C specialist.

Drones demand takes Top Race to the next level

US R/C specialist Top Race is gearing up for a ‘big year ahead’ thanks to a roster of new developments within its drones portfolio.

The firm rocketed to success in 2014 when the UK was highlighted as its fastest growing international market.
Top Race has now replicated this success thanks to the demand for products such as the TR Q511 drone, RC Motorcycle and 15 Channel Tractor.

Across Europe, Top Race has seen the biggest growth in France, Germany and the UK as it reports that the demand for drones is ‘bigger than ever’.

“Last year we continued to grow in the drones market,” said Top Race CEO, David Deustch.

“Over the course of 2015, drones became more popular and more affordable. The market is booming and for us, it will continue into 2016.”

For 2016, the latest incarnation of the hit TR Q511 drone will feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication, allowing for voice controlled piloting.

“The drone market is all about new technology,” continued Deustch.

“There are a lot of drones out there and people are looking for new concepts. We listen to what consumers are calling for in their drones and deliver it. 2016 is going to be a another big year for us.”

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