British shoppers spent £5.6bn on products they were unhappy with over Christmas

Last year British shoppers spent a staggering £5.6 billion on products and services they were unhappy with, new research has revealed.

In a new report released by Feefo it has emerged that while good deals can drive shoppers into stores and online, a bargain isn’t always enough, with 86 per cent ready to complain if a purchase or service isn’t up to scratch.

The same research also suggests that in the weeks following Christmas, 75 per cent of those shoppers will take to social media to display their disdain.

In a poll conducted last year, it was discovered that of the numerous customer service peeves, one fifth of the 1000 adults questioned put rude staff at the top of their list.

The Consumer Action Monitor report revealed that customer grievances doubled to more than 66 million in 2014, as unhappy shoppers complained about companies providing poor goods and services.

With spending over the Christmas period higher in the UK than any other European country at over £74 billion last year and set to increase for 2016, Feefo is quick to remind retailers that offering discounts isn’t always enough if they don’t back it up with customer service.

“Our research has revealed that Brits are wasting an awful lot of money on products and services they are not happy with and they will be sharing their frustrations publicly, and looking for a speedy resolution.

"If businesses want to gain trust from consumers beyond the sales period they must be on top of their customer feedback, constructively addressing and turning around any negative reviews and learning from verified consumers how best to forge ahead for a fruitful 2016.”

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