IKEA recalls Lattjo toy drums over choking hazard fears

Swedish retailer IKEA is urging customers to bring back a pair of potentially dangerous toys over fears they could choke children.

The Lattjo drum and accompanying drum stick has been deemed dangerous when it was discovered that the ball on the drumsticks can detach, creating the risk of choking for young kids.

Six cases of the rubber ball detaching from the stick were reported by IKEA staff across Germany and Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands respectively. No incidents have yet been reported in the UK.

The Independent reports that in the UK, 400 drum sticks and over 500 tongue drums were recalled by the Swedish furniture retailer.

The company added that the risks were identified, despite the products having been approved by safety standards.

Cindy Andersen, business area manager for children’s products, said IKEA only develops products intended to stimulate children’s creativity and natural need for play.

“Children don’t think about safety when playing, so we need to do that when we develop products. Our mindset at IKEA is that we only sell products that we would give to our own children,” she said.

“Despite approved tests to relevant toy safety standards, we are precautionary recalling Lattjo drum sticks and Lattjo tongue drums to avoid the risk of any incidents.”

Customers who bought the products are being urged to return them to IKEA for a full refund.

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