LEGO alters bulk buy policy following dispute with artist

LEGO has revealed it will change its bulk-buying policies, following a recent spat with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Weiwei reportedly accused LEGO of censorship in October last year, when the company refused to sell bricks to him directly.

LEGO revealed that its policy allowed the firm to decline requests if it was believed that the bricks would be used to make a political statement.

Weiwei is known for his criticism towards the Chinese government, but wanted to use the bricks for an artwork on political rebels. The rejection saw supporters of Weiwei donate bricks, so he could complete his artwork.

As a result, LEGO has now decided to alter its policy and in a statement, said: “Previously, when asked to sell very large quantities of LEGO bricks for projects, the LEGO Group has asked about the thematic purpose of the project.

“However, those guidelines could result in misunderstandings or be perceived as inconsistent, and the LEGO Group has therefore adjusted the guidelines for sales of LEGO bricks in very large quantities.”

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