A sales engineer by profession, Maze Racer Andy Geremia has a head full of game ideas and a passion for the industry. He talks to ToyNews about his newest concept, Maze Racers.

HOW I MADE IT: Andy Geremia and Maze Racers

Maze Racers is a simple concept.

It comes with two magnetic white boards. You build a marble maze and your opponent builds a marble maze with magnetic walls. You swap the boards and then you race, so you want to make the board as complicated as possible for your opponent to race through.

I’d been making marble mazes out of wood and I could see that people got a kick out of racing mazes so I entered a contest to design a low cost game for kids. For that, I used a cereal box and cut up straws and got kids to glue straws down.

That contest was judged by some professors from Berkeley and ThinkFun was involved, as was some game designers. I won first place so with that winning press release I started pitching the concept of Maze Racers to toy companies.

FoxMind liked the idea and a year and a half later, I launched the game in August 2015. It has been a successful journey since then.

In fact, 3000 games went out to Bulgaria recently, so it is now everywhere. A couple of months ago, I was at the New York Toy Fair and I will be there this year as well.

This is the first game that I have ever pitched, and I have managed to scoop a number of awards for it already, so I am happy to say that it is doing really, really, well. Actually, it’s pretty crazy.

I am a sales engineer by profession, but I have always loved playing family games. I just brought that passion for games into this simple concept about mazes.

But that passion has stuck with me, and I have plenty of other ideas bubbling away in my head. I have some card game ideas that I am excited to develop.

That said, this is a very challenging industry and there is a tonne of designers out there with some brilliant ideas, so it is all a matter of timing and persistence.

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