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VTech working with global law enforcement to find cyber hackers

Electronics and educational toy specialist VTech has revealed it is working with law enforcement worldwide to investigate the cyber attack it suffered last week.

The Hong Kong based digital toy firm is also working alongside FireEye’s forensic unit to help secure its systems following the hack that exposed data on 6.4 million children.

FireEye will review all aspects of how VTech handles customer information and suggest ways to strengthen the security of its user data.

The firm’s Mandiant forensics unit helps victims of cyber attacks identify the extent of hacking, clean up networks and restore systems.

Mandiant has had experience handling some of the largest data breaches recorded, including last year’s attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, says Reuters.

Of the 6.4 million children and 4.9 million adults impacted by the data breach last week, nearly five million victims live in Europe, including 2.8 million children.

In Britain alone, 1.29 million were affected, including more than 727,000 kids.

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