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Anna Richardson reveals how her own children’s sleep troubles inspired her to create the Sleeper Hero doll and storybook.

DIARY OF AN INVENTOR: Anna Richardson and Sleeper Hero

The idea for Sleeper Hero came from desperation.

We have four children and our first two were horrible sleepers. We had to come up with an idea to help them stay in bed.

The Sleeper Hero gives children the power to stay in bed and his light changes from red (stay in bed) to green (rise and shine) so kids that can’t tell the time know the right time to wake up.

We tried it out on our three and four year olds and it worked. We’ve shipped to 39 states and we’ve had great feedback. Lots of parents are telling us that it’s changed their sleep methods at home.

The storybook and doll come packaged together because reading a story to your kids at night is a natural thing that a lot of parents do.

We’ve been around for a year and sold 800 so far. We now ship to Canada and we also have a retailer in Bermuda.

For more info on Sleeper Hero, contact sleeperhero@gmail.com.

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