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Following a positive reaction both in the UK and overseas, Vivid believes its new bacteria-inspired collectables range will plug a gap in the boys' market and be a top new toy brand for 2016 and beyond.

Fungus Amungus outbreak to conquer boys’ collectables next year

Fungus Amungus has the potential to be a leading boys’ collectables brand across 2016, 2017 and beyond.

Vivid has declared that early reception of its new range of characters, inspired by germs, bacteria and microbes, is encouraging enough to place the line as a leading boys’ brand on a global scale.

As such, the marketing plans surrounding the launch of Fungus Amungus marks one of the most comprehensive that Vivid has ever put together.

The campaign will span the digital space with a website and a series of webisodes airing at the end of this month, as well as exposure on TV.

“Fungus Amungus is one of our most exciting in-house developed brands in recent years and we have invested a lot in trying to make sure that it gets the exposure and success that we feel it merits,” Tom Bennie, brand manager at Vivid, told ToyNews.

“We feel there is a gap in the boys’ collectables market for a brand that will really grab their attention, which is exactly what we hope Fungus will achieve. “The boys’ market is crowded with big TV and movie licences, so Fungus offers a point of difference and something new for boys to get their hands on.”

Following what has been billed as ‘fantastic’ feedback from retailers on a global stage, Vivid now has “very high” expectations for its range of grotesque collectables.

“The Fungus Amungus outbreak will be a worldwide infestation for 2016,” continued Bennie. “This has the potential to be a big hit for many seasons. We already have some great product extensions planned for 2017 and beyond.”

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