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Firm is looking for partners to develop toys and games under The National Children's Museum brand.

Eureka! offers something new, says Pink Key

Pink Key Consulting believes toy and game partners that join the Eureka! The National Children’s Museum programme have the potential to offer the industry something new.

The firm is on board to develop the Eureka! licensing programme and is looking for partners that can create products offering children the chance to “create, build and engage.”

“Eureka! provides a genuine difference versus what else is in the market,” Richard Pink, MD at Pink Key Consulting, explained to ToyNews. “Wholly approved by mums, linked heavily to the school curriculum but at the same time not weighed down by a ‘learning through play’ tag, Eureka! is all about fun.

“We are hoping to develop products that reflect the ethos of Eureka! ‘Hands on’ products that allow children to use their own imaginations and be creative – anything that allows children to create, build and engage.”

The interactive museum, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, prides itself on being a place where children play to learn and grown-ups learn to play, and Pink Key believes an understanding of this ethos is key in forming a successful partnership.

“We hope to work with partners who understand that Eureka! is not about labeling products,” said Pink. “It’s all about engaged minds and busy hands. We want children to engage and learn, but not even be aware that they are learning while they are playing. At the end of the day, if it’s not fun, it’s not Eureka!”

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