The catalogue features images of boys playing with dolls and irons while girls ride toy motorcycles and wield lightsabers.

Spanish retailer Toy Planet challenges gender stereotyping with new catalogue

A Spanish retail chain has drawn its line in the sand when it comes to gender stereotypes by showing boys playing with toys typically marketed for girls.

Toy Planet’s catalogue depicts images of boys playing with dolls, using pushchairs or brushing the hair of a hairdressing set.

Throughout the catalogue, girl and boy models are shown using a Bosh toy toolkit, while girls are riding motorcycles and playing with Meccano robots as a boy uses a plastic iron.

At the same time, girls are shown wielding Star Wars lightsabers.

With 200 stores across Spain, Toy Planet first started to make a challenged gender stereotyping with pictures posted to its social media accounts.

The move has attracted the attention of the Let Toys Be Toys campaign, a British movement to rid the toy industry of gender stereotyping in its marketing.

“We think it’s great to see images of boys and girls playing together in the Toy Planet catalogue,” said a spokeswoman for Let Toys Be Toys.

“We know that many boys play with dolls or cuddly toys, and girls with cars or construction, and it’s really important to see this reflected. If children know that they can play with any toy it gives them greater freedom and helps develop a range of skills.”

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