Fox News' Harris Faulkner sued Hasbro for $5m in August after the toy firm released a toy hamster called Harris Faulkner

Hasbro rebukes Fox News anchor’s claim that toy hamster ‘bears resemblance’

Hasbro is asking for a lawsuit filed by Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner to the tune of $5million to be dismissed.

Earlier this year, Faulkner made the claim that she wanted the toy company to pay out the sum because it made an inch-tall plastic toy hamster named Harris Faulkner.

However, in documents filed Monday in the US District court in Newark, New Jersey, Hasbro said it will seek to toss out the suit at a December 21st hearing.

Hasbro contends that the name of the toy is irrelevant because “a side-by-side comparison of Ms. Faulkner and the Hamster Toy shows that the two bear absolutely no resemblance.”

Faulkner (the news anchor) sued Hasbro in August this year for adding the hamster to its line of Pet Pawsabilities toys. she claimed that the plastic rodent with a levitating butterfly hat “willfully and wrongfully appropriated Faulkner’s unique and valuable name and distinctive persona.”

According to NBC News, in a 37-page document with sections headlined “The Fictional Hamster Toy Named Harris Faulkner” and “The Real Life Adult Woman Named Harris Faulkner”, Hasbro points out that Harris Faulkner (the woman) doesn’t have a white muzzle or a pink nose.

She “is a human”, it reads.

“The Court should not accept Plaintiff’s opinion that the inch-tall hamster toy bears Ms. Faulkner’s resemblance, but instead must conduct its own comparison to determine whether the allegations are plausible as a matter of law,” it says.

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