Velta’s Andrew Dunn explores how choosing the right logistics company is key for firms, especially those dealing with some of the world’s biggest trendsetting brands.

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With everything from films and musicians, celebrities, sports teams and food and drink company brands being featured on an ever growing range of products, the licenced branding industry is now a $241.5 billion global business.

But how do you ensure that you have an effective and efficient supply chain for the delivery of your products from the manufacturers to the end consumers?

Whether you’re supplying merchandise for a big film release or products featuring the celebrity of the moment, you don’t want to miss the boat.

The need to capitalise upon sales before the next fashion takes over is no more apparent than in the licenced branding industry.

A good logistics company will have an understanding of the importance of ensuring that your products are at the right place, at the right time.

To meet your scheduled deadlines it is possible to ship goods over in advance and store in a customs bonded warehouse, such as that provided by a 3PL like Velta.

By utilising a bonded warehouse, you are not liable for the payment of duty until the product is moved to the retailers.

This enables you to store your products nearer to the final destination ready for launch. If you are moving goods out of the EU, no duty will be payable at all.

The Warehouse Management System operated by a 3PL provides access to accurate stock levels in real time, enabling you to ensure that you are keeping up with the demand levels for your goods, an are able to arrange additional shipments accordingly.

What, however, if media attention gives rise to unprecedented demand?

Air freight provides a good solution for getting your time critical products to retailers fast and efficiently; to speed up the clearance through customs, look to source an AEO accredited company who will receive priority service from HMRC.

Companies like Velta will ensure the smooth transit of licenced branding products through requesting relevant documentation for customs in advance, such as the proof of the licence, necessary for customs clearance.

The provision of dedicated customs teams in organisations such as our own enables the provision of advice on up to date rules and regulations regarding imports, declaration requirements, duty and VAT.

Trading with new licenced brands or new branded products? Shelf space in retailers is of an essence and it can be a cut throat business to attempt to get your product to store.

Utilising fulfilment services offered by a 3PL helps to establish new brands and new products developed for already established brands.

Whether you own a brand or produce branded products under licence, sell via e-commerce or in store, one thing is for certain.

A professional, reliable shipping and logistics company can help protect your brand identity by delivering complete orders on time, in good condition.

It’s simply the sign of a good brand.

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