The BTHA has partnered with the National Deaf Children's Society to raise awareness of the importance of play for young deaf children.

BTHA highlights importance of play for young deaf children

The BTHA has stepped up its efforts to raise awareness of the importance of toys and play in a new partnership with the National Deaf Children’s Society.

With the creation of a new leaflet highlighting the importance of play for young deaf children, the partnership marks the fourth addition to a series produced by the BTHA aimed at improving the lives of those with additional needs.

The leaflet informs parents on how play and toys can help with their child’s development, championing play as ‘a great way for young deaf children to learn and develop language, communication and other life skills.’

The information provided includes tips for parents and carers on play activities and the types of toys that are best in enhancing the learning of young deaf children, as well as offering a range of play ideas.

Kerri Atherton, communications and public affairs officer at the BTHA, said: “It is such a great opportunity to be able to work with the National Deaf Children’s Society to help parents and carers of young deaf children get the most out of playtime.

“Play is critical to child development and we hope our tips and advice will help make playtime easier.”

Emma Aldridge, head of information at the National Deaf Children’s Society, added: “As over 90 per cent of deaf children are born to parents with no experience of deafness, it’s so important that parents understand how to make play accessible and beneficial for their deaf child.”

The BTHA play series can be found in the BTHA and Make Time 2 Play websites and includes play and toys for children with Down’s syndrome, autism and those who are blind or partially sighted.

To download ‘Toys and play for young deaf children’ please visit, or

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