The winner will showcase their IDO3D works of art via social media and at Toy Fair 2016.

GP Flair launches search for IDO3D brand ambassador

GP Flair has launched a search for a IDO3D brand ambassador.

Launching in October, the 3D printing inspired product uses special inks that set like plastic with the brand acting as an introduction into the world of 3D art.

To highlight the innovation behind IDO3D, a marketing and digital campaign for the brand is being implemented that begins with an appeal to 300 college and universities (plus established UK young artists) in a search for a brand ambassador.

The creative campaign calls for artists and art students to submit past works of art that display both style and imagination. The winner will be named as the Brand Ambassador for IDO3D and AtmosFlare and will showcase their IDO3D works of art via social media and at Toy Fair 2016.

In addition, a generous bursary will be awarded in order to further their artistic careers.

The campaign will be underpinned with a heavyweight TV advertising campaign this autumn while an interactive digital campaign on Super Awesome will commence mid-October to include drawing games, competitions and auctions based around the brand,

Holly Lackey, marketing manager, GP Flair, said: “We are delighted to see all the activity surrounding IDO3D. 3D printing is on trend in the media at the moment and what better way to show off this innovative brand’s capabilities than with the young artists of today interpreting 3D art in their own way.

"The sponsorship opportunity will set creative imaginations alight and allow their artistic minds to truly venture outside the box. Plus with the digital campaign touchpoints, the younger audience will be able to follow and interact with IDO3D and see it is one creative kit they cannot be without."

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