Forms part of Carillion's 'Piecing Together the Community' campaign.

Gibsons teams with Carillion Libraries to combat loneliness with puzzle clubs

Gibsons is teaming up with Carillion Libraries to launch puzzle and games clubs as part of its Piecing Together the Community social initiative.

The clubs, designed to combat loneliness, launched last week in Croydon and Hounslow in a bid to bring more local people together through their love of traditional puzzles and games.

There will be two more launches this month, in libraries based in Harrow and Ealing Central.

“Everyone is familiar with completing a puzzle, so what better reason to come together and meet new people, rather than sitting at home alone," said Michael Gibson, chairman of Gibsons.

"The Carillion Libraries are the perfect place for people to meet once a week, to share their passion with others and start new friendships.

“Puzzles and games are a great ice-breaker and create conversation between people, which naturally brings them closer together. On top of the physical benefits of exercising the memory, and moving the joints in the arms and hands, puzzles and games have a great social benefit too, which we are celebrating through the Piecing Together the Community social initiative.”

Maria Garcia Iglesias from Cultural Community Solutions added:“CCS libraries are delighted to be involved in such a heart-warming, community spirited initiative. Part of our libraries focus is to capture the heart of the community and we are always looking to offer different activities and clubs to encourage people to come together. With tight budgets, these are only possible with the support of forward-thinking brands like Gibsons.

“Puzzles and games is a new avenue for us, but we are positive that it is going to be a hit, and bring more people out of their homes and into the community.”

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