Designer and Walled-In inventor is currently in talks with a leading UK games manufacturer following Inventors Workshop event.

Walled-In inventor wows at Workshop

A board game inventor believes he is on the road to success with the creation of a new game based on the classic ‘join the dots’.

Lee McAuley, a freelance graphic designer by profession and a board game enthusiast has seen a positive response to his game Walled-In from toy manufacturers following this year’s Inventors Workshop.

In the wake of the event that gave toy and game inventors the opportunity to pitch their concepts to some of the world’s biggest toy companies, McAuley has now found himself in discussion with a leading game manufacturer in the UK.

Walled-In is a two player game that borrows concepts from traditional ‘join the dots’ to challenge players to win squares by inserting tiles into a game board.

The player who completes the fourth side of a box earns one point by placing their tile dot colour on top and takes another turn. The game ends when no more tiles can be placed on the board, and the winner is the player with the most coloured dots showing face up.

While talks continue, McAuley’s plans to launch a Kickstarter project to fund the production of Walled-In have been postponed until January 2016, when he will be taking to the site to raise an estimated £50,000.

Initially, Walled-In will be launched as a two-player game. However, if successful either through current discussions with toymakers or its Kickstarter project, McAuley intends to expand the game into a four player game.

“I wanted to create a game that was easier than chess, as strategic as Othello and competes with both, I believe I have succeeded with Walled-In,” McAuley told ToyNews.

“As a parent, I love to see my kids being more sociable rather than playing alone. I like seeing them playing games as a group with their friends and family, not as grumpy kids emerging from their pit.

“I have play-tested the game with family and friends, and they have all loved it. It nearly got picked up at last year’s Inventors Workshop, and I am delighted with the reaction to it at this year’s event.”

Mcauley’s Walled-In game can be seen in action at

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