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In A Bind Junior is a body contorting party game aimed at youngsters, with animal noises and 'fantastical whimsical creatures.'

In A Bind inventor back on Kickstarter with party game for kids

The inventor of the body-contorting party game, In A Bind has taken to Kickstarter to launch a new version of the title aimed at young children.

Billed as a simplified version of the game that challenges players to twist their bodies in a variety of directions as dictated by the action on each card, In A Bind Junior features more animal noises and whimsical animals.

In a response from those demanding a version of the game geared towards younger players, inventor Behrooz Shahriari has launched a three-week Kickstarter campaign in order to gauge initial demand for the new title.

“After releasing In A Bind, people asked if they could get a simpler version for their children. Now they can,” said Shahriari.

In A Bind Junior will retail for £9, however, in order to test the initial market, Shahriari will be offering the game at a discounted rate for the first 125 Kickstarter backers.

“This is a good way for shops to get a slight discount on trade price, by preordering ten copies,” continued Shahriari.

“And if all goes to plan, everything will be sent out by December 11th, in time for the last week of Christmas shopping.”

According to Shahriari, In A Bind Junior will feature new colours, animals and ‘fantastical whimsical creatures,’ designed specially to appeal to a younger crowd.

Having already reached £247 of its initial £375 goal, In A Bind Junior has 17 days remaining on the crowd-funding site.

Check out the In A Bind Junior project here.

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