Half of UK parents have had their tech ruined by their pesky children.

LeapFrog survey claims children are ruining parents’ tech

With more children getting their mitts on technology at a younger age, a new survey by LeapFrog reveals that half of UK parents have had their tech ruined by kids.

The survey of 1,000 UK parents reveals that kids aged three to nine are now matching adult screen time, spending an average of 16 hours per week on tech devices.

Almost one in five parents have had their tech device screens cracked in the hands of their children and a further one in then have seen their device submerged in water.

The research has been unveiled to celebrate the launch of LeapFrog’s new Android-based kid-safe tablet, LeapFrog Epic, designed especially for little hands and growing minds.

LeapFrog is encouraging parents to ‘Take Back Your Tech’ in a new social media campaign that celebrates age-appropriate, durable technology, just for kids.

“This research highlights the wealth of risks that come with allowing a child to use an adult device, from damage and inappropriate content to actual loss of the device,” commented Dr. Jody Sherman Levos, director of LeapFrog’s Learning Team.

“Quite simply, these devices aren’t built to withstand child’s play. Investing in a dedicated kids tablet where possible can really offer parents peace of mind when it comes to the type of content their kids are viewing, as well as allow them to reclaim, if not save, their own tech from the hands of their little ones.”

“In talking to parents, we know the amount of screen time they should give their child is an ongoing concern. Technology can play a positive role in a child’s development when coupled with the right educational content and we passionately believe that it can form part of a varied healthy play diet if responsible boundaries are set.”

Sally Plumridge, VP marketing EMEAAA at LeapFrog, added: “We create tablets for parents that are looking for the perfect introduction to tablet play for their child.

"We know children expect technology that looks and feels more like their parents’, sleeker and faster, whereas parents want technology that is safe and age appropriate right out-the-box. Epic is a perfect balance, a one of a kind age-appropriate tablet experience that grows and changes with a child.

“With the best safety features available and a vast selection of award-winning educational content, children can play, create, learn and explore until their hearts are content – meaning parents can take back their own devices, for good.”

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