With 40 days still to go on the crowd-sourcing site, Cannybots has already secured $109,741, smashing its original goal of $40,000.

Smart toy robots Cannybots smashes Kickstarter goal in opening three days

A collection of programmable, smart toy robots has smashed its Kickstarter goal by 274 per cent, despite only launching on the crowd-funding site three days ago.

Called Cannybots, the toys designed to encourage kids to play and spend time together while learning about robotics, programming and 3D printing stormed past its goal of $40,000 only hours after going live.

With 40 days still to go on the crowd-funding site, Cannybots has already secured $109,741, money which willnow go towards taking Cannybots through to the next stage of development.

A Cannybot kit will supply children with a construction set, containing all the parts needed to build their robot. They can then be programmed and controlled from a phone, tablet, PC or a Raspberry Pi.

“Going through the building process gives kids the hands-on experience of building a functional robot that they can also programme,” said Anish Mampetta, CEO of Cannybots.

“Programming is an essential skill today but it is not easy to get kids started. We are allowing kids to do this in a fun, interactive and rewarding way.”

Once built and programmed, the bots can be used in a number of play scenarios such as high speed racing, time trials, sumo wrestling, jousting and puzzle-solving.

Apps and printable track is also available for each game, while children can also design new car bodies using CAD software from Cannybots’ partner Autodesk.

The designs can then be 3D printed using any home 3D printer.

Check the ongoing Cannybots Kickstarter project here.

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