Billy Langsworthy has regained most of his faculties to tell you about another successful Inventors Workshop.

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Workshop success

The dust has just about settled on another Inventors Workshop.

The booths are packed up, the UK toy and game inventor scene has departed Whittlebury Hall and Rob has finally put his horn away.

Based on feedback from delegates and toy firms alike, we’re pleased to report it was another major success.

While we can’t reveal any done deals between inventors just yet, there are some properly exciting developments going between quite a few of our delegates and the firms who attended, but more on that in the coming weeks.

Both conference streams provoked some fascinating tales and great insight. Who knew Jenga started life as a drinking game? (Leslie Scott claims she meant tea, not booze. I don’t buy it).

The event was bigger in scale than last year’s, with more inventors, a bigger venue, two conference tracks and, importantly, more cake.

One major point of difference was that this time, it caught the eye of the wider media this year. We were happy to welcome BBC Radio Northamptonshire (Click here to hear myself and Leslie chat about the event and the origins of Jenga at 39:50 and again at 2 hours 12 seconds) as well as the lovely folks at BBC Look East.

It was a great platform to sing the praises of our creative sector and gave a few delegates the perfect chance to spread the word about their ideas.

A personal highlight for myself was our first Hackfest, which saw students from Brunel, University of Sussex and London Metropolitan spend the afternoon creating concepts for a product that their own age group would buy into.

All the groups came up with interesting proposals and one even saw Ooba’s Max Ford called upon to do the Haka (He did it very well I must add), but congrats to Sussex for impressing the panel (made up of Ford, Heayes Design’s Richard Heayes, Big Top PR’s Charlie Le Rougetel and Hasbro’s Rich Mazel) scooping first prize and a fancy trophy.

The fun didn’t end after the pitching though as a special Board Game Club event saw our delegates thwack taches, explode kittens and Dobble themselves into oblivion at our favourite grown up games night.

It all served as yet another reminder of how talented and passionate this community is and we won’t be leaving it as long to get you all together again.

If you do have some feedback on the event, good or bad, please do drop me an email at

Likewise, if you didn’t make it this year and want to be involved, either in pitching or in the conference, for next year’s Inventors Workshop let me know. It’s never too early!

But once again, thanks to everyone who came and got involved. It’s an event that’s close to the hearts of myself and team so we are massively grateful for your support and passion.

Click on any of the images below to open up our gallery of the day.

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