iGen shares highlights from its conference talk at Kind + Jugend 2015.

Why mobile is the best way to reach mum

iGen, along with sister company Generation Media, was invited by organisers to talk about market-relevant topics from the baby and toddler outfitting industry at the recent Kind + Jugend conference.

In August 2015, iGen carried out an international survey amongst 1,800 expectant women and mums of pre-school children in the UK, USA, Germany and Spain to understand how they seek out information about products and respond to advertising.

Mums were invited to take part after visiting the BabyCentre website in their respective countries. Whilst every mum is different, there are strong commonalities when it comes to information seeking.

Firstly, the internet is her number one reference point, with 67 per cent using it to access information on a daily basis. For mums expecting their first child, this rises to 75 per cent, increasing with each trimester.

And secondly, with 93 per of mums using their mobile phone to go online, it’s the device used most frequently and consistently throughout the day.

Her top three reasons for accessing the internet are: for general information about her pregnancy and for her baby (86 per cent), for social networking (83 per cent) and for healthcare information (82 per cent).

When it comes to purchase, almost half say they buy products online on a daily to weekly basis and almost three quarters are researching before they buy.

So where does mum think she’s going to be most influenced by advertising?

On average across all four markets, 31 per cent of mums thought parenting websites would be most effective for advertising aimed at them and this was highest in the UK (34 per cent).

However, this is also where the strongest market differences came through, with Spanish and American mums preferring in-store (34 per cent and 38 per cent respectively) and where German mums showed most divergent and varied attitudes, with almost equal proportions choosing TV (26 per cent), parenting websites (25 per cent) and a further 25 per cent parenting magazines – which compares to just 10 per cent of mums in the UK.

“Whilst there is inevitably going to be some bias when surveying expectant women and mums of pre-schoolers online, it’s still a great option for getting quick access to timely and relevant insights, especially for such an important commercial sector where data can be hard to find," said Claire Milner, insight manager at iGen.

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