The survey asked 1,000 Brits whether they still owned their childhood cuddly toy.

28 per cent of adult men still sleep with a cuddly toy, claims Time4Sleep survey

28 per cent of adult men still sleep with their childhood cuddly toy, according to a survey from online bed retailer Time4Sleep.

The survey of 1,000 Brits also found that 51 per cent of adult men still own their favourite childhood cuddly toy while 30 per cent of adults surveyed had never owned a plush toy. 

Reasons behind not letting go of the stuffed toys included nostalgia, comfort and that they act as a sleeping aid.

“I know it’s a bit daft that I still sleep with a teddy bear but I find it really comforting," said Wesley Greenhalgh (aged 31), who took part in the study.

"He was actually given to me by my son (who is only five himself) to replace my bear that I lost from childhood, so he is special to me. My girlfriend was a bit surprised when she first found out she would be sharing a bed with not just me but also a cuddly lion, but she soon got used to it. I work night shifts sometimes so it’s nice to have a companion when I need to sleep during the day.”

Wesley’s girlfriend, Amy, added: “It was a bit of a shock to find my boyfriend still sleeps with a teddy bear but when I heard the story behind it, I thought it was actually really lovely and showed me what a softie he really is. I do wind him up about it occasionally but he takes it very well."

Those in Southampton were most likely to still be clinging on to their bear (65 per cent) followed by Leeds (62 per cent), Newcastle (52 per cent), Nottingham (49 per cent) and Norwich (46 per cent).

“It’s surprising that more than half of men still own their childhood cuddly toy but it’s nice to discover that so many feel nostalgic about their teddy bears and that people simply can’t bear to part with them," said Jonathan Warren, director at Time4Sleep.

“Many of us crave some type of comfort during the night, whether that’s from a partner, a blanket or a soft toy. We have an emotional attachment to items that remind us of our youth and teddy bears remind us of safety and security against our childhood nightmares. Feeling calm and relaxed, however you achieve this, can result in a deeper, more refreshing night’s sleep.”

Time4Sleep has also launched a competition to find The Nation’s Most Loved Teddy Bear. If you think your teddy could be the winner, simply upload your photo here.

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