"With the World of Warriors fan base ever growing, this is a great time to be working with Mind Candy on such a big project."

Flair’s World of Warriors range hits shelves

Mind Candy and GP Flair’s World of Warriors toy line has landed on UK shelves.

The firm’s mini collectables range offers fans twin packs, packs of four and packs of eight with over 120 highly detailed and accurate figures to collect in series one alone.

Both the two and eight packs come complete with a battle temple, on which the figures can stand ready for battle or hide inside for the ultimate surprise takedowns.

Elsewhere, three of the hero warriors from the game star in the first series of highly detailed articulated deluxe action figures.

Consumers can remove Crixus the Roman Gladiator’s legs and replace them with the spinning mechanic. They can then pull the rip cord out and watch Crixus spin to perform his Air Boost special move.

Gunnar the Viking Raider comes with his long sword to perform his Beserker special move while the action figure of Zuma the Jaguar Warrior carries the feared sword of the Aztecs together with the poison arrows for his special move.

Also launching is the World of Warriors Battle Gear range that gives fans the chance to emulate their favourite warrior. 

The Crixus set allows fans to don the intimidating helmet and take up the trident to become a champion gladiator while fans of Gunnar can wield his sword or protect themselves from attacks using the Viking shield.

Fans can also don Kuro’s Ninja Mask, Throwing Star and Katana Sword.

“We are delighted to see the new toy line launch into retailers," said Mind Candy’s chief commercial officer, Darran Garnham.

"Our partnership with Flair represents the next big step for World of Warriors in the growth of the brand as it continues to increase in popularity. It is a very exciting time for the franchise as new game World of Warriors: Quest has been featured as one of Apple’s Best New Games and World of Warriors: Duel comes out this week. We are looking forward to the toy range having the same huge success at retail and becoming the talk of the playground.”

Nic Aldridge, marketing director at GP Flair, added: “Flair is very excited to have created the World of Warriors toy collection and helping unleash Warriors from the digital world to the physical one. 

"With the World of Warriors fan base ever growing, this is a great time to be working with Mind Candy on such a big project and we can’t wait to see the toys in the hands of lots of excited children very soon.”

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