The Inventors Workshop quizzed 2,000 toy industry experts on their top toy of all time, and LEGO came out on top.

LEGO named top toy of all time by industry experts

LEGO has been voted the top toy of all time according to a recent survey of toy industry experts.

In our very own mission to discover the products closest to the industry’s hearts, Inventors Workshop quizzed 2000 toy experts on what they believe to be the number one children’s toy of all time.

Half of all respondents voted for the Danish toy brand, while the majority of those asked also pinpointed ‘fun’ as the number one ingredient for a successful toy.

All of the top ten toys highlighted are retro offerings, with many hailing from the 70s and 80s, such as Tiny Tears and the Rubik’s Cube as well as the chatterbox that took the 90s by storm, Furby.

The good old cardboard box even sneaks in an appearance at number 19.

The top ten toys of all time, as voted for in the Inventors Workshop survey, are:


2. Scrabble

3. Action Man

4. Frisbee

5. Monopoly

6. Scalextric

7. Subbuteo

8. Ker-Plunk

9. Barbie

10. Rubik’s Cube

Other products to be championed in the survey, include:

11. Matchbox Cars

12. Playing cards

13. Playmobil

14. Trivial Pursuit

15. Furby

16. Play-Doh

17. Yo-Yo

18. Tiny Tears

19. A cardboard box

20. Sylvanian Families

When the experts were asked what magical ingredients were essential to create a great toy, fun came out firmly on top in the recipe for success.

1. Fun

2. Play value

3. Safety

4. Educational elements

5. Longevity

6. Value for money

7. Imaginative elements

8. Creative

9. Engaging

10. Robustness

The survey of 2,000 inventors was carried out by The Inventors Workshop, which takes place on september 22nd in Northamptonshire and provides fledgling and experienced inventors with a unique opportunity to meet the industry experts who can help them take their ideas from sketch to store.

Billy Langsworthy, Inventors Workshop conference director, said: "When you look at the ten ingredients that combine to create the ultiate recipe for toy success, you can see exactly why LEGO was voted the best toy in history. 

"The LEGO brick is such a simple concept but it incorporates every single one of those ten ingredients and is precisely why children (and grown-ups) have been enjoying – and continue to enjoy – playing with LEGO for more than six decades."

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