Analysts have predicted that as long as the upcoming title outperforms Cars 2, merchandise sales could hit $5bn in first year.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise could hit $5bn in first year

Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise sales could hit as much as $5billion within its first year, according to analysts.

Assuming the new title outperforms Cars 2’s $3billion, it has been estimated that Star Wars: The Force Awakens could net Disney around $500million in licensing and retail revenue.

Macquarie Securities analyst, Tim Nollen made the predictions in a report published yesterday (Monday, August 31st) on Walt Disney and its stock.

Disney will be unveiling Star Wars: The Force Awakens consumer products over an 18-hour period in a global, live-streaming YouTube special. Sales of the new line will officially start at midnight at select Disney Stores, as well as other major retailers.

“[Star Wars] could generate $5billion in consumer merchandise sales in its first year of release, assuming it does better than Cars 2’s $3billion,” Nollen said via The Hollywood Reporter.

“Looking at another successful Disney franchise, Cars 2 sold more than $2.8billion worth of merchandise in its fist year alone in 2011, and the original Cars movie sold approximately $10billion worth of merchandise in its first five years of release.

“Taking into account the strength of the Star Wars franchise, which has altogether sold over $20billion worth of licensed goods in its lifetime, we estimate that Star Wars: The Force Awakens could bring in merchandise sales of $5billion in the first year.”

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