This week, Robert Hutchins discusses why attending this year's Inventors Workshop is a must for inventors young and old.

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Why the Inventors Workshop is for you, yes you!

Like most things, the realisation that responsibility for this week’s leader comment fell on my shoulders hit me in the shower this morning.

It was with eyes filled with the sting of a particularly strong batch of No More Tears shampoo that I frantically racked my brains for a topic on which to focus this week’s ramblings.

Recent weeks have seen us discuss a variety of matters, from posing questions like ‘should the toy industry be embracing edgier entertainment properties?’ to taking a look at the lengths to which history’s most revered inventors have gone to invite the muse.

Had I taken the advice of Dr. Yoshiro Nakamutsu (the inventor of the Floppy Disk, not my local practitioner), I would have returned to the shower, held my breath under the deluge of hot water and waited until I was on the brink of death for this week’s topic to come to me.

But I had just put my socks on.

So instead, I have decided to focus my efforts on explaining just why this year’s Inventors Workshop will be the place to be for any and all emerging or established inventors in the toy community.

If the past six months or more of running the Inventors Bulletin has taught us anything, it’s that the UK has a vibrant and bubbling community of toy inventors, amassed of personalities from across the generations.

This year, we are taking the Inventors Workshop to Whittlebury Hall, where the emphasis on celebrating this thriving community will be even stronger, and that’s not just owing to the free tea and coffee facilities and giant chess set occupying the hotel’s courtyard.

To borrow a page from ‘Business Jargon Monthly’, what we aim to provide this year is a day of immersive inventor engagement experiences, kicking off with a morning conference session divided into two tracks (both detailed in full in this week’s Bulletin), and culminating in an evening of unhinged board gaming (and hilarity), courtesy of Board Game Club.

The two tracks have been curated for both first-timers and last year’s inventors, with something new and interesting on offer, whatever category you fall into.

But essentially, here is a place for the industry’s creatives to meet like-minded individuals with a passion for innovation. A place where you can network with inventors past and present, mingle with some of the industry’s key decision makers or just catch up with old pals.

Whether you’re a newcomer with little more than a notepad filled with sketches and a head full of dreams, or an industry stalwart with numerous inventions under your belt, there is a place for you here.

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