Family Gamer TV checks out the latest announcements from D23's Disney Interactive event, including a Marvel Battlegrounds play-set and playable Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters.

Disney Infinity rolls out Star Wars play-set at D23

At D23’s Disney Interactive event last night, the Disney Infinity Star Wars Force Awakens characters and play-set was revealed.

Also a four player Marvel Battlegrounds play-set, a Kingdom Hearts cross over weapon and a new type of figurine for Disney with light-up lightsabers.

The emphasis throughout the Disney Infinity portion of the event was on new and upcoming play-sets.

The Marvel play-set was the most surprising in terms of how it extended the gameplay. Rather than focusing on Ant Man or Age of Ultron, Marvel: Battlegrounds instead offers four player co-operative play.

It’s this four player co-op that will excite fans. Previously this was limited to toy box interactions, having this in the main co-op of the game is a significant step forward.

You can also use all the the existing Marvel characters in it, along with Hulkbuster and Ultron that are releasing in November 2015. The Marvel: Battlegrounds playset will be released this spring.

The biggest reveal went to the play-set for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This was shown in detail for the first time.

Right at the end of the conference two characters from the set were revealed: Finn and Rey.

Other figures, this time without associated play-sets were also unveiled. Spot from Good Dinosaur was shown along with a set of four power discs. This was expanded upon from the stage: "Inside of the film there are impressive dinosaurs, so we’ll bring four Good Dinosaur power discs as mounts for the game."

Judy and Nick from Zootopia, the upcoming 2016 movie were also revealed to be included in the game.

Finally, the results of the Toy Box Artists selection was announced to be Peter Pan, although he will not be available until 2016.

The stage is set for the toys-to-life showdown with Disney Infinity coming first this month, closely followed by LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders Superchargers.

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