The Baby Box Company takes a nostalgic look at the best selling toys of the last 100 years with new detailed infographic.

Toys Throughout the Ages graphic details top toys of past century

From the terracotta dolls of Ancient Rome to Tamagotchi of today, toys have played a significant role in child development across the ages.

Now, in celebration of the top toys of the last 100 years, The Baby Box Company has produced an infographic, taking a nostalgic look at the toys of yesteryear right up to present day.

From the Yo-Yo craze of the 1920s – a period in which by 1929 300,000 units were being produced a day – up to the launch of Zhu Zhu Pets in 2009, the detailed inforgraphic takes a look at the toys that caused the biggest stir throughout the decades.

‘Most of us will have some very fond memories of our favourite toys from when we were growing up, and we love the idea that we’ll be providing babies with some memories that could stay with them for the rest of their lives,’ read a statement from The Baby Box Company.

‘This made us think, what makes a truly great toy, andwhat are the most iconic toys of all time? So, here we take a nostalgic look at Toys Throughout the Ages, to find out what the greatest toys ever are and why they have been so popular.”

Check out the Toys Throughout the Ages infographic below:

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