Frozen, My Little Pony and its Mamas & Papas brand will all get their own TV spots premiering in October.

HTI goes big on the small screen this AW with new TV campaigns

HTI is hitting the small screen in a big way this AW as the firm readies three new TV advertising campaigns.

The Disney Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag, My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style & Groom and Mamas & Papas Armadillo Dolls Pushchair will each enjoy their own TV and multi-platform marketing campaigns.

All three commercials will premiere from October 19th, coinciding with the half-term holidays, and are expected to be seen by over 3.5 million girls.

Alongside the TV campaigns, HTI is also running a four-week digital pre-roll campaign on platforms such as Stardoll, Milkshake and

Kicking off the roster of TV spots, the Frozen Colour Match Snowflake Bag advert will be set in a Winter Wonderland, and according to Sarah Holden, HTI marketing communications manager, will “reinforce the amazing colour change feature of the product.”

Meanwhile, the My Little Pony advert will “demonstrate to children the fun they can have styling Rainbow Dash’s multi-coloured hair and their own with lots of beautiful accessories and Cutie Marks.”

Finally, the M&P Armadillo Dolls Pushchair spot uses an everyday café location to show the nurturing role-play pattern of two little girls playing.

Holden concluded: “With fantastic listings, we are confident that all three of HTI’s 2015 TV campaigns will drive sales at retail as they present the perfect Christmas presents for children – whether they are Frozen fans, mini style gurus or want to be just like mum and dad.”

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