Family Gamer TV's Andy Robertson gets his hands on LEGO Dimensions while at this year’s Gamescom expo in Cologne.

LEGO Dimensions adds Ghostbusters and goes open world

At this year’s Gamescom expo in Cologne, LEGO Dimensions offered more information about how it would work for consumers.

In particular, a new open world side of the game was on demo.

Here, by placing any matching mini figure for the 14 different brands included in the game unlocks an expansive open world to explore. Complementing the main campaign, this expands the experience considerably.

It also provides additional value to the Team and Fun packs as they now not only unlock in-game characters but also access to their related worlds. The campaign levels can still only be expanded by purchasing the Level packs.

Also on display at the Expo were new Ghostbusters characters and levels, as well as a demonstration on how one brand is integrated into another.

For instance in the Wizard of Oz open world area you can only access some collectable items if you also bring in a Ghostbuster character to clear away some pesky ghosts.

This not only creates a more integrated and coherent experience but also means that consumers will have more incentive to by a full range of toys. In fact, for those that want to collect all the Gold Bricks this will be essential.

The show was rounded off for LEGO with a look at the new Lego Marvel’s Avengers video-game. This is separate to LEGO Dimensions and offers a longer, bespoke, adventure based on the Ant Man and Age of Ultron movies.

The novelty in this year’s game is over 150 new Marvel characters and the ability for players to team two character up for special moves.

The game’s release date has slipped into 2016 however, perhaps a product of needing more time and a desire not to crowd the busy Christmas release window.

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