Despite strong UK box office figures, sales of Minions related product has been described by several UK indies as ‘disappointing, at best’.

Minions misses the mark among independents

In results that have been described by some as ‘disappointing, at best,’ consumer reception to Minions product has left independent retailers across the country scratching their heads as it has fallen flat of expectations.

The property has been surrounded by various gripes from indies, ranging from the lack of availability of the master toy line to the critical reception of the film itself.

“I would have to say that at the minute, sales of Minions can only be described as disappointing,” Ian Edmunds, managing director at Toymaster, told ToyNews.

“The film is very disappointing. How you can make an unfunny Minions movie is beyond me, and I believe that has played a big role in its reception at retail.”

Meanwhile, others are feeling left in the cold by the unavailability of the Minions master toy line at indie level, including Toytown SMF’s manager, Brian Simpson.

“When certain suppliers get a master toy licence, it doesn’t bode well for the independents,” Simpson told ToyNews.

“However, when I walked into my local Tesco and noticed there was 25 per cent off the entire Minions range, I was relatively happy to have missed that boat.”

So how is it that a brand that has seen mixed reception at retail has managed to top the licensed toy charts just weeks after the film’s release?

“If you’re selling a tenner for a fiver, it’s very easy to see how it has topped the chart,” said Helen Gourley, owner of independent toy shop, ToyHub.

“We have got some Minions product, but I have not gone heavily into it. I have been very picky.”

It seems that being selective with product is the answer to making Minions a success in-store, and for Giddy Goat’s Amanda Alexander, the secondary line has curried greater favour with local consumers.

“Minions is doing really well for us. I had some very popular plush last year and I am selling a lot of Minions key rings, sticker books and bags,” she said.

Toymaster’s Edmunds continued: “It has sold. This isn’t the end of Minions.

“At the end of the day, they are great toys and very funny creatures, but I don’t think we’ll see it replacing Frozen this year.”

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