The department store was left without a toy section when Dominoes pulled out of its retail space only three months after opening.

Fenwick opens own toy department after Dominoes departure

Leicester department store, Fenwick has decided to open its own dedicated toy section for the first time in 20 years.

The Market Street-based retailer made the move to open the department after Dominoes Toys pulled out of its space within the retailer, only three months after moving in.

Dominoes had been operating in Fenwick since February this year, following the closure of its High Street store in 2013.

However, the department store was left without a toy section when dominoes owner Steve Samson decided to close the business and take early retirement.

The closure of the store left the department store with the opportunity to look at re-opening its own toy zone, a first for the retailer in the last 20 years.

“We were pleased with the way that Dominoes was going but the owner decided that he would retire from retailing, and also close his online business,” Fenwick store director, David Illingworth, told the Leicester Mercury.

“When Dominoes was here it brought us new customers and increased the footfall. After Dominoes left, it gave us the opportunity to decide what would work in our store, and toys do.”

The refitted toy department has now created two new jobs and according to Illingworth boasts a larger toy dedicated area with more toys in stock than ever before.

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