UWE student Dominic Lee-Campbell sheds light on where the idea for his on-board scooter companion, Bud, came from.

DIARY OF AN INVENTOR: Dominic Lee-Campbell and Bud

Many parents feel anxious when they take their child out on a push-scooter because they have reduced control.

Bud has been designed as a child’s on-board companion that allows parents to alert their child of hazards using a fun traffic light sound system.

The lights and sounds are controlled with a wireless controller that the parent will be holding. The controller can be attached to Bud’s back allowing the child to play with the lights and sounds themselves, in safe zones such as the park or school playground.

When research was conducted into push scooter safety for children, the main insight being that parents were always having to shout after their child far in the distance to stop or slow them down. The idea evolved through many stages of user testing, design concepting and research which the final outcome was Bud.

I personally would love for this product to take off and I have all the confidence it can with the right push, especially with such a booming market for children scooters right now.

At the UWE technology and environment show and New Designers show, Bud had many positive reactions from parents who can see themselves using Bud and the children who just love interacting with the lights.

I believe the industry should always be looking at new young talent as we are more likely to bend the rules of design to create something fun and unique for all children to enjoy.

If you would like to contact Dominic or find out more about Bud, visit: www.dlc-projects.co.uk or email dleecampbell@hotmail.co.uk.

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