The IndieGoGo project has passed its $100,000 goal in just two days.

Buddy, ‘the world’s first affordable companion robot,’ smashes crowdfunding goal

A crowdfunding campaign for Buddy, the world’s first affordable companion robot, has smashed its target figure in just two days.

The campaign was looking to raise $100,000, but in just two days has already made $111,755, with funds going towards bringing Buddy to mass market.

Buddy entertains and educates, makes video calls, sends messages to family and friends, acts as a calendar and alarm clock and monitors a consumer’s home. It also has the ability to teach children through play.

"Since beginning my career in robotics, I have been passionate about opening up the industry to as many smart people and innovative developers as possible," said Hasselvander. 

"Buddy is my way of democratising robotics: an affordable, open-source robot that developers can build to and grow with."

The robot was purposely built on an open-source technology platform using popular development tools such as OpenCV and Unity3D, to allow as many global developers as possible to build applications for it.

Crowdfunding rewards will see $549 get consumers their own Buddy, while a donation of $4,999 allows you to customise your own Buddy.

Click here to check out the campaign or watch Buddy in action, check out the video below:

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