Titled Effwords, the game brings tile-based word play to the world of badult gaming and is on Kickstarter, now.

‘Scrabble meets Cards Against Humanity’ in new Effwords word game

A word game that champions risqué definitions and is billed as ‘Scrabble meets Cards Against Humanity’ has emerged via Kickstarter.

Titled Effwords, the game aims to bring tile-based word play to the world of badult gaming, as players compete to win approval and points by constructing the funniest word and definition.

The brain-child of game inventor Justin Berman, Effwords has already secured $3,308 of its $20,000 Kickstarter goal and has attracted positive response from game developers across the US.

“Effwords strikes a fantastic balance between creativity, silliness and strategy. You’ll often surprise yourself with hilarious new words that seem like they should’ve already existed,” said Eric Douglas, game programmer at PeopleFun via the project’s Kickstarter page.

The game sees one player become ‘the judge’ who will then use letter tiles to create a fake word. The others players will then submit cards featuring definitions as they attempt to define the word.

The judge will then choose the best definition for the fake word, and the player who submitted that definition, earns points.

Check out the Effwords game in action in the video below:

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