The inventor has launched a Kickstarter project to funds his range of Puzzi Puzzles, featuring quirky connectors, such as animal or number shapes.

Puzzler to ‘rejuvenate the genre’ with Puzzi project

A toy inventor is looking to rejuvenate the hobby sector with a new collection of titles designed to take the frustration out of jigsaw puzzles.

US-based designer, Doron Reichenberg has launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds for his range of Puzzi Puzzles, featuring quirky connectors, such as animal or number shapes.

Reichenberg was inspired to create the range when he noticed how frustrated his own children would become with puzzles and quickly turn their attentions to iPods and iPads instead.

In response, he decided to find a way to increase the reward levels of putting a puzzle together, by making each puzzle piece engaging for kids with the use of uniquely shaped connectors.

Shapes of the puzzle connectors now range from animal shapes such as a mouse or a cat to number shapes.

“We conducted a study earlier this year with children ranging from two years old to ten years old,” said Reichenberg.

“We discovered that 98.7 per cent of the children who pieced together the Puzzi Puzzles were able to do so quickly and without error, and then go on to complete regular puzzles with confidence.

“The children who stuck with the traditional puzzles took longer to complete them and became frustrated., displaying a lack of confidence and would quit the puzzle before completion.”

The inventor believes that Puzzi can help children gain confidence in problem solving, while keeping them engaged with the puzzling hobby.

“This is a unique puzzle that uses meaningful shapes as the puzzle connectors, which has been proven to assist bridging the gap between infant level puzzles and traditional classic jigsaw puzzles,” he continued.

“It’s great for kids with disabilities of children who require improvement with their fine motor skills.”

Reichenberg is now looking to raise $5,000 via Kickstarter in order to take the Puzzi range to the next stage of development.

With 14 days still remaining, the inventor and puzzle fanatic has managed to secure $800.

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