An octopus at Weymouth Sea Life Park has hindered a LEGO treasure hunt as she seized the model ships.

Octopus steals limelight at LEGO treasure hunt

Plans for a summer LEGO treasure hunt at Weymouth Sea Life Park soon capsised as Lucia the octopus refused to let of the models.

The park is partnering with LEGO for an event featuring a new deep sea explorer kit. Plans included a treasure hunt to find different models hidden in various fish tanks.

However, when submerging one of the models into Lucia the octopus’s tank, to let her pick her favourite, she refused to let go.

“Lucia is a firm favourite with the displays team and they felt she should choose her own favourite piece to play with,” commented the Park’s Laura Culshaw.

“Now every time they reach a hand or a net in to try and retrieve an item, she grabs it…and she can cling onto eight different objects at once.”

“She can’t take them to bits because they were glued with a special non-toxic resin ready to be spread around the displays for the treasure hunt,” Culshaw continued.

“We’ve had to use other LEGO objects for the treasure hunt and make clear to visitors that a look in Lucia’s tank doesn’t count as completing the whole quest in one go.”

The Sea Life ‘Lego City’ event is taking place at 10 UK centres across the summer and also involves a challenge for kids to build their own Lego sea creatures.

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