Anki's latest creation boasts a Starter Pack costing £149.99.

Anki Overdrive gets date, price and new game modes

The release date for Anki Overdrive has been announced today as September 20th, with a Starter Pack price of £149.99.

The game, that uses robotic cars to automatically "read" the track while players steer and trigger weapons with a Smartphone, adds a range of new cars, modes and customisable tracks this year.

At events as part of a European press tour Anki showed off its new game app as well as Bigbang and Guardian cars.

The latter impress and are designed by the same talent responsible for the vehicles in Hollywood movies like Minority Report and Tron.

The sessions were rounded off with a trial of Anki Overdrive’s new King of the Hill game mode. This pits players against each other in a game of tag. Once you take out the leader you must avoid being deactivated by opponents and accrue 60 seconds to win.

Anki Overdrive may not be the cheapest slot car racing system around but it truly revolutionises the sector — doing away with slots for starters.

The combination of video-game and physical racing toys is a strong one. In many ways this, with the likes of Playmation, is the next evolution of the Toys to Life genre popularized by Skylanders.

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